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Additional services

Additional services

Atlas Migration can support your migration process to make it easier for you. Thanks to our comprehensive services and our partners, we will support your every needs to facilitate every steps of the way.

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Migrating is not only choosing the right visa and succeeding in your migration application. There can be much more challenges before you arrive to that point.

Atlas Migration Experts, thanks to its large net of connections and partners, can help you in many different areas in order to make the whole process easier for you:

Recognition of Prior Learning

Many of the principal Visas requires a formal qualification before being able to apply.

A lot of potential candidates have the experience required, but no the relevant qualification necessary. Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) may come to assistance of such applicants.

RPL i is an assessment process used by RTOs to evaluate a person’s skills, knowledge and experience gained through working and learning, in Australia or overseas, through life experience, work or other activities such as volunteering. 

Your knowledge, skills and competencies will be assessed by an RPL panel based on the relevant evidence you submit. This may take the form of a challenge exam, an interview, a work-related project, or a portfolio (which contains records of your experience, knowledge and skills). You will be given further guidelines for each of the assessment options if your RPL application is successful. 

If the RPL assesses you as competent in all required units of competency, then an Australian qualification will be awarded by the registered training organisation.

NAATI Translation

If you are going through the migration process, you will need to have all your relevant documents translate NAATI.

Atlas Migration Experts will not only advise you on which documents you will have to translate, but we will be also able to give you in the right direction for all your need with the translator more adapt to all your needs.

Choose and Enroll in Australian Courses

Studying in Australia means not only attending quality courses and schools, but also having an easier time entering the labour market. For many people, choosing the right course in Australia is the first step towards Permanent Residency. Atlas Migration can give you the personalised assistance in choosing the right course of studies for you.  

Thanks to our connections and partners, we will be able to point you to the right course, assist you in enrolling the school and apply for the right Visa.


Atlas Migration has a strong net of connections built along the years in the job market and whether you are a migrant looking for an occupation or a Business looking for the right employee, we can help you with all your needs.

Health Insurance

Depending on what Visa you are applying for and the Country you are from, you might need Health Insurance before the Department of home Affairs will grant your Visa.

You can ask Atlas Migration Experts whether you need an Insurance and what is the right insurance for your situation.

We will guide you through the whole process and help you to find the right provider for you.

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