Working holiday is a tourist visa

Officially called TZ-417, the Working Holiday Visa is a particular tourist visa issued by the Australian Department of Immigration following bilateral agreements with a whole series of countries. The relevant subclass is 417. If you think you misread it, I can immediately reassure you: it is true, the Working Holiday visa is simply a tourist visa.

So why does this visa more than any other permit you to work?

It is important to understand the philosophy of the visa: is in fact an exchange program for young people to motivate them to get to know Australia (for the inhabitants of the reciprocating countries).

It's the best visa to travel around Australia

You can work and travel for up to 3 years
31 years

maximum age


Subclasses 417 and 462

Also known as ‘the Visa of Liberty”, this visa is available only to young individuals (you need to apply before you turn 31). It can be used only once in a lifetime, but renewed for up to three times. In particular, the first Working Holiday Visa is like your first kiss: you ‘never forget about it’. In this section we summarised the key issues relating to those people living in Australia for the first time: a first approach with the landing, tax system and regimes, resume editing, visa renewals, farm job and so on! Enjoy your readings!


Requirements to apply


maximum age

After your visa application you will receive a Grant (approval) and from that moment you get 12 months to activate the visa by entering Australia, then on the day you enter, your 12-month stay commences.


Aud in the bank

There is also a second prerequisite for obtaining the visa: you must demonstrate that you have access to at least $5000 in your personal bank account or that of a parent. All you need is a simple account summary that shows the details of the account holder.


Eligible passport

You must have an eligible passport to apply for the WHV



You cannot apply for your first WHV from within Australia, but you can for the second and third. You don’t necessarily have to apply for a second or third Working Holiday after the previous one; you could also get other visas in between. Unlike other visas, the WHV visa does not allow you to include spouses, partners or children on the same visa.


What happens after you apply for the visa?

Let's get lost in Australia

Read this post if you want to know more about Australia

Working holiday visa 417

Renewing the visa

This visa can be renewed up to two times! Up to two times. The ways of renewing it depend on whether you have a Subclass 417 or 462. Given that we Italians are only concerned with the 417,here’s what we need to renew our visa:

Second working holiday

Y88 days in farm

You must complete 88 days of work in a regional area to renew the Visa

First Working Holiday

31 years old

You must be under 31 years old before to apply

Third Working holiday

6 months in farm

You must have completed 6 months of farm work in your 2nd Working Holiday visa.

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