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Student visa subclass 500

The purpose of this visa is to allow international students to undertake full-time education and training in Australia. This visa enables a student to stay in Australia for the duration of the relevant course.  The student must enrol, or in some cases have a letter of offer, with an Australian education provider before lodging a visa application. You can apply to undertake two or more courses on your Student Visa where there is clear progression from one course to another.


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With this visa, you can:

  • participate in an eligible course of study in Australia
  • travel in and out of Australia
  • work up to 40 hours every 2-week period once your course starts
  • You can include family members (Partner, Child or Step-child) when you lodge your visa application.
  • It is possible to change course and Education provider without applying fora new student Visa, depending on the circumstances.


The exact requirements for this visa will depend upon the level of risk assigned to your application (the ‘Immigration Risk’), which is a combined immigration risk assessment determined by the risk rating of the education provider and your passport nationality.

As visa applicant, you must:

  • enrol with an Australian education provider as a full-time student, and obtain written confirmation of this enrolment (predominantly on-line courses are not eligible)
  • genuinely intend to complete the relevant period of study in Australia
  • have the required level of English language proficiency unless exempt
  • have Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for the period of your intended stay in Australia
  • have access to sufficient funds to cover your return airfares, tuition fees and the cost of living in Australia, as well as costs required for any dependents included in your application

As part of your student visa application the department will assess to see if you are genuinely going to stay in Australia temporarily.

How long can you stay?

This is a temporary visa to study up to 5 years. The type of course and its length will determine the lenght of Stay.

To continue studying in Australia, you must apply for a new Student visa.

Application Fees & Processing Time

  • Studente principale (Main Applicant): $620.00
  • Dipendenti dal visto di maggiore età: $460.00
  • Dipendenti dal visto sotto i 18 anni: $150.00
Processing Time – 30 to 46 days

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Francesco and Maurice helped me with a very tricky situation, found a solution that I'd never thought of, handled the thing like a Pro. Highly recommended agent and agency! Visa process was the smoothest possible Thanks heaps Fra!


Thank you to Atlas migration my visa application was approved in only 5 days!!! Fabio, Maurice and Marta have been supporting me through the entire application process, they have been helpful, friendly and very reliable. A massive thank you goes to Fabio. He went above and beyond to help me and he is the most reliable and hardworking person I ever met, couldn’t recommend him enough. Thank you guys, you are an amazing team!

Rossella Zara

Thank you so much, Fabio Nocilla and all the Atlas Migration team, for all your help and support through all these years. It was great to work together in our Sponsorship process and Citizenship application. You guys provided us with all the information and options needed to achieve our dream. We will always be grateful to work with you. Joel and Veronica

Joel Carapaica