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Are you ready to travel but you’re a few weeks away and think maybe you don’t have your ideas quite right? No long term worries, but your head is spinning, you’ve looked at social media and you’ve just realised you haven’t thought of everything.

Book a 40 minute chat with one of our free infopoint agents. This service has a cost only the first time, but after that you can always communicate with your consultant via Whatsapp message (In the future).

What is the purpose of this type of consultation? First, you must answer all the general questions that will be sent to you before purchasing the service. These can be technical questions (TFN opening, Medicare activation, CV tips) or advice (e.g. about the differences between the different Australian states, job search or on farms).

Who are the consultants?

There are many, you can meet Maurice, but also Marta, Gabriel, Paula, Camilla, Francesca! Our consultants are young people who have lived in Australia for several years and who therefore know Australia in an authentic way. Moreover, as far as technical notions are concerned, they received professional training modelled on the official sources of Australian law.

What is not included in this type of consultancy?

This consultancy, as you may have noticed, has a low cost as it is simply aimed at covering the cost of the consultant who follows you.

– We do not include internships of any kind (visa application, sim card activation, etc). For that, we have some packages that you may be interested in, you will find them here.

– It is not a consultation with a Migration Agent (you can book that here). Our consultants are authorised to give you general information and advice, but they cannot identify a pathway for you to stay in Australia.

How do I request a consultation? It’s very simple, finalise the purchase and when we receive your payment, your consultant will send you a WhatsApp message (and also an email) with a link to set up an appointment date and time.


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