Consultation with the Registered Education Agent



The choice related to the training courses we take today that make us the professionals we will be tomorrow is a very simple concept.

But it is less simple to go back in time, once the choice made has turned out not to be right for us.

That’s why we offer a consultancy service that is based on your needs:

  • Your career goals
  • Compatibility with the Australian Department of Migration’s medium and long term Migration programmes.
  • Assessment of a compatible course; not only with the technical requirements for admission, but also with the student’s natural predispositions.

How does our consultation work?

It can be in person (our offices are in Sydney), but also by telephone (WhatsApp) or online (Zoom).

We are available during Australian office hours. This sometimes requires your extraordinary commitment in terms of schedules, but in our opinion it is a minor sacrifice to make for those who really intend to go…


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