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TO BUY AND BOOK YOUR CONSULTATION PLEASE FOLLOW THIS LINK https://calendly.com/fabionocilla/consulenza the price for this service is AUD$150

Moving to Australia “takes courage”, they say. In reality, it simply takes a solid plan. For a migration strategy to be defined and reliable, it must be based on a few key elements, such as:

  1. Presentation of the particular case and matching it with the most recent legislative instruments. In fact, a common mistake is that of those who implement a migration plan based on good but outdated advice. In Australia, laws change very quickly, and if they are not laws they are lists of professions or protocols. 

  2. Inclusion of alternative plans. Where the consultation is aimed at permanent stay, every effort is made to identify a strategy that is cost and time efficient. As mentioned above, it is not always possible to eliminate the risk of changes in legal texts. Therefore, we always try to identify a ‘Plan B’ which often proves useful in case of unforeseen events.
  3. Assessment of the Migration officer that is not only based on technical parameters but also includes human aspects. This is crucial. The changes required to achieve moving to Australia are chosen to improve one’s life, but often the mistake is made of idealising Australia to the point of accepting even a decline in one’s well-being. We tend to look for a process for you that achieves your goals while maintaining compatibility with yourself. It is not always possible and sometimes Australia puts you at a crossroads, but when it is possible, we prefer to find the best way.

How does our consultation work?

It can be in person (our offices are in Sydney), but also by phone (WhatsApp) or online (Zoom).

We are available during Australian office hours. This sometimes requires your extraordinary commitment in terms of scheduling, but in our opinion it is a minor sacrifice to make for those who really intend to leave.

How do I book my consultation?

Simple, just click on the link below and select a time and day that is compatible with your commitments.



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