Group instructors and personal trainers and very popular professions amongst Italians in Australia, especially amongst those who qualified or practised in Europe, since the conversion of their qualification is relatively simply if you have the pre-requisites (click here to find out what to do). Thanks to the much greater spending power here compared with the Italian average, the personal trainer in Australia has much higher profit margins down-under than when they practised the Profession in Italy. The business models in gyms often allow employment relations between the professional and the gym of the ‘business-to-business’ collaboration sort, where the personal trainer works under their IVA number (ABN – Australian Business Number) and shares the earnings derived from the sessions according to the percentages agreed on with the owners of the gym business.

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Getting Permanent Residency

Getting permanent visas is a complex theme and it is suggested you discuss your personal situation with a registered immigration agent, as there is a fairly fine line between the possibilities in terms of visas for two professions: the number 452111 Fitness Instructor and the 452312 Gymnastics Coach or Instructor. For the first one, the Fitness Instructor, any option in terms of a visa is virtually excluded. For the second one, however, since it is listed on the Short-Term List of the Skilled Occupation List, there are various paths available, such as temporary sponsor 482, regional sponsor 494 as well as, when the programs re-open, independent visas 491 and 190. A debate has grown around the various interpretations by the many authoritative fora that immigration agents have to cross-reference regarding gym instructors: are they Fitness Instructors or Gymnastics Coach? Our interpretation is that this category comes under Fitness Instructors, and therefore not compatible with realistic options. A careful comparison of the two job descriptions shows the Gymnastic Coach is more in line with the athletic trainer of gymnasts, even organising their selection, an activity which really doesn’t come under the description of fitness instructors. Moral to the story: the Qualification in itself does not seem useful for the purposes of sponsorship.

Regardless of the technicalities and immigration strategy, however, the Australian Qualification, in the absence of other qualifications, shows you have certified skills in line with national standards. Furthermore, the schools are connected with the network of gyms in Australia and can prove to be a good way to get work. Moreover, in the absence of foreign qualifications (converted and recognised in Australia), it is impossible to work in a gym without certificates.

Qualification: Certificate III and IV in Fitness
Skill Level: 3
Profession:  452111 Fitness Instructor
Course program: (Certificate IV) https://training.gov.au/TrainingComponentFiles/SIS10/SIS40210_R4.pdf
(Certificate III) https://training.gov.au/TrainingComponentFiles/SIS/SIS30315_R1.pdf
Description: Certificate III in Fitness qualifies the student as a ‘Group Instructor’, while the Certificate IV qualifies them to practise as a ‘Personal Trainer’. There are also courses available at a higher level, such as Diplomas in Sport Management, of a purely managerial nature.

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