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Baker and pastrycook are professions of high potential in terms of return on investment, since salaries for a qualified operator can reach very high thresholds. The courses are still open even though there has been a decrease in enrolments since 2017, when these professions were ‘demoted’ to the Short-Term List in the Skilled Occupation List. Consequently, most people employed in hospitality and food services have altered the focus of their studies to Commercial Cookery, that is, the qualification of Chef, because it allows greater opportunity for conversion to a permanent visa.

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Working as a baker and pastry-cook in Australia

Qualification: Certificate III and IV in Patisserie + Diploma of Hospitality Management
Skill Level: 2
Profession: 351112 Pastrycook
Course program: https://training.gov.au/Training/Details/SIT40716
Description: this qualification consists of several levels, starting with Certificate III where the balance is tipped towards practical subjects and the functional work of the pastrycook is taught. Certificate IV, on the other hand, alternates practical subjects with a whole series of theoretical units which are useful in organising your work in a planned and industrial way.

Qualification: Certificate III in Retail Baking
Skill Level: 3
Profession: 351111 Baker
Course program: https://training.gov.au/training/details/FBP30517
Description: the strictly practical course covers the fundamental stages of the baker’s work. Central is the dough: detailed attention is given to preparation, conservation and rolling. Other units relate to the correct use of rising agents, health and safety in the workplace, preparation of fillings and complex baked products.

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