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Atlas Migration is an immigration and education agency located in Sydney but active across the entire country. We put our expertise and verified information at disposal of those people who wish to live in Australia for a season or forever, drafting the most strategical pathway.

We understand that moving to Australia is a dream for many people. We’re here to help you make it happen. An ‘Atlas’ is a ‘book containing maps’ and we chose this metaphor as we wish to be ‘the place where you look at if you feel lost’. Indeed, the immigration process can be confusing, complex, and frustrating.

We know this because almost all the members of our team have gone through the very same process and we have actually worn our customer clothes before becoming specialists in this country.

A very typical aspect of Australia lies in its decentralized nature: many aspects of the life ‘down-under’ are regulated by disparate bodies interacting and constantly influencing each other.

The Department of Home Affairs, for example, is in charge of the regulation of migration flow. To be able to carry out its functions, the Department consults dozens of Assessing Authorities that are in charge of recognizing individuals under a specified occupation. In doing so, the assessing authorities need to collect an Australian qualification, issued by Registered Training Organisations (RTOs).

In a second moment, when assessing whether a wage is appropriate, the Australian Taxation Office will be called into the process. And before receiving a permanent visa, it is often necessary to receive an ‘invitation to apply’ by a State or regional territory. And this is just an example. Australia is complicated, isn’t it?

As the time went by, our team has specialized not just in any single one of these dimensions, but what makes unique is our ability to see ‘the big picture‘ and, above all, a natural inclination to ‘think out of the box’ and do ‘whatever it takes’ to succeed.


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