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Your Journey Starts Here. You might either be about to board your flight or still considering whether or not to start a new adventure in Australia: in any case, you are in the right place to start your plan to Australia.

You’ll find hundreds of tips, guides and advices, but remember the most important: “Australia must be lived as an adventure”. Even if it is a working visa in your usual profession, it is going to be an experience in a new side of the planet. You’ll also get to know new sides of yourself. Be ready to live this as a cheerful journey.

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Atlas Migration is an immigration and education agency located in Sydney but active across the entire country.

We understand that moving to Australia is a dream for many people. We’re here to help you make it happen. An ‘Atlas’ is a ‘book containing maps’ and we chose this metaphor as we wish to be ‘the place where you look at if you feel lost’.



We try our best to do things right, but what we always do, is the right thing. The interests we look after, are yours in first place. We are no a mere education agency, we’re all set up in order to give you what you need, and not what we need you to choose. Think about this carefully!



We’re here for you, always. We’ve been migrants, we know you need someone there for you when everything looks lost and here we are. We will be holding your hand throughout your journey to Permanent Residency



We never provide information if they’ve not been verified at the moment. This is important because in Australia rules change fast. And we check it every day (providing always sources).


Backpacker's Infopoint

Once landed in Australia, it is normal to experience a process of personal growth and integration with the new context. We have all gone through that. The first emotions you will probably feel when going downstairs the aircraft is a mixture of astonishment and feeling lost.

This is why, at Atlas we’ve drafted a guide to help you plan certain technical steps concerning your Working Holiday Visa in Australia: sim card activation, bank account choice, accommodation, resume redaction.

You will find this and more in the ‘backpackers guides collection’. But keep in mind: the WHV is an adventure, you can plan certain things about bureaucracy and next visas, but some part of it can only be enjoyed unplanned.

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